Business management software is a suite of tools used by businesses to automatize and streamline their fundamental processes. This includes project management, document storage and management accounting and bookkeeping, sales and relationship management. These tools are primarily developed for small – to medium-sized businesses, but some have features that can be utilized by larger companies.

There comes a time in every business’s growth where spreadsheets and paper documents just don’t cut it. Manually managing projects, billable hours and invoices from clients can lead to disorganized information that can result in delayed deadlines and inefficient work. That’s when a comprehensive business management system becomes essential to success.

ClickUp is a platform for productivity that is a great tool for teams of any size. It centralizes the business procedures, policies, and processes as templates that anyone can use to track and collaborate on. It also provides task-related scheduling, automated email reminders, one-on-1 and group chat, online training surveys, and more to help keep your team focused on the work that matters most.

It is important to be aware of your organization’s workflows, goals and needs prior to selecting the right business management software. It’s important to keep in mind that some business management systems are deployed on-premise, requiring you to manage your own servers as well as perform maintenance and updates to them. Some are cloud-based and are accessible via the internet. You may also wish to consider integrating your software with your existing applications and other software, based on how you plan to implement it.