The oculus content application is a oculus rift game design virtual reality platform that is interactive that offers VR games, movies and other media. Anyone with a compatible computer and headset can download and utilize it for no cost. Oculus offers virtual reality content as well as other features such streaming and social networking.

When creating VR apps, it’s essential to adhere to Oculus’s content guidelines and rules. This means at least 10 minutes of gameplay and a proper game progression as well as a compelling story. In addition, Oculus demands that any app meet performance specifications for smooth play and a good user experience. This includes performance tests like Locomotion, Object Interactions and Player and Camera Orientations.

When creating VR apps, it is important to keep in the forefront of your mind that they are safe for children. The oculus application provides parental control to restrict and monitor VR content. This is a great way to protect children from the potential risks of playing video games that might contain mature or adult themes.

To install an application from the Oculus application, you must first connect your smartphone to the device. Start the oculus app after connecting and selecting your headset in the dropdown menu. Once you have selected your headset, the oculus app will show an array of applications that can be installed on your device. Once you have located an app you wish to download, click the download button and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.