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The avast secure browser review a browser that places an emphasis on privacy and security, with features such as Bank Mode and anti-tracking technology. It has an integrated VPN, which lets you stay secure and connect to the internet quickly. It is built on Chromium, meaning that it operates and looks exactly like Chrome and also supports Chrome extensions, as well as its own set of security-oriented extensions.

Avast Secure Browser comes with a wide variety of security and privacy extensions pre-installed such as an ad blocker as well as an anti-phishing extension. one for the prevention of tracking, a fingerprint conceal feature, HTTPS encryption support, extension guard, password manager and even the ability to verify your credentials on sites like HaveIBeenPwned. You can access all of these extensions through the browser’s Security & Privacy Center. You can also modify each extension individually according to your preferences.

The adblocker is powerful and can be configured to block most ads. It is also able to block flash data files which helps pages load faster. The browser can also detect phishing sites and warn you of scams that could be a possibility however, this feature isn’t as effective than Google’s Scam Alert feature.

The browser claims to be “track proof,” but this is simply a fancy way of saying it is using the Do Not Track standard, which isn’t as strong as it could be. The browser’s anti-fingerprinting capabilities are also limited, and only scramble part of your user agent string.